Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blog is Ready

Uganda blog is online... semester starts in less than a month.

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Anonymous said...

Hello to the family & friends of Alex. Since she’s going to be on a plane for a long time today, I decided to help her out by posting on her blog, describing what she might experience on her first day staying with a family outside of the city. Keep in mind, I have quite an imagination, so Alex, if I’ve captured anything incorrectly, please straighten me out!

So, here goes: Day One – My eyes open peacefully on my first day outside of the city, and I smile at how friendly people were to me during my first week of orientation. We have great weather and beautiful landscapes, and I am anxious to start my day. After moving aside the mosquito netting from my mattress on the floor, I see the most stunning insect ever … less than a foot away from me and staring directly at me. Beautiful deep purple on its black wings … its eyes reflect my image like mirrors. My first thought is that I hope that the family that I am staying with won’t eat this bug for breakfast, so I decide to try to shoo it away and send it outside. However, after standing up, I remembered - there aren’t many walls in the place that I am staying, so the bug is technically already outside. So, its on its own, yet I still wish that I knew what type of insect I woke up with. Note to Self: quickly study entomology. My stomach growls. We are having oatmeal for breakfast. My Uncle Tony was certain that I would be scrounging up bugs, worms, roots and tree bark for breakfast. Note to Self: pick up Pop Tarts & chocolate milk, just in case. While walking to the university after breakfast, I saw a long-faced muscular deer with horns and pointed ears. I was told it is a Kob. Note to Self: go gorilla tracking and Kob tracking on one of my days off.

I am enjoying every single minute of every day. Love to all.