Thursday, August 28, 2008

The time is almost here!!!

The time is almost here!!! Tomorrow morning I am leaving forNew York City, and I will fly out from there on Saturday. My flight will stop in Amsterdam and connect to a flight to Uganda. Yay!! I will have an Orientation for the first week, and from there I will be staying with a family outside the city until my research practicum starts.

I plan on keeping this blog regularly updated while I am there. (if you have questions or comments… or if I need to be reminded to update it more often… do not hesitate to email me or to post them on the blog). You can probably look forward to reading about my excursions to Rwanda, rural Eastern Uganda, and to the islands of Lake Victoria throughout the next 16 weeks. I will also be visiting many cultural landmarks, historical sites, national Parks, and the source of the Nile… So hopefully if nothing else, you can glean an entertaining story here or there from my blog. I will also try to share what I am learning of their culture with you all… So maybe it will be educational too.

If you have been dying to know how many airports with unpaved runways are in Uganda or how to contact the chancery here in the U.S. (or if you are curious about Uganda in general) one helpful site is World Factbook @ It is also a wonderful source for acronyms for those of you who like to play (and study for) the game Balderdash.

Thanks in advance for all your love and support!!! I will miss you all.


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ebarloh said...

Godspeed GOAT! I wish you all the best and I hope you have the time of your life.

- MB