Monday, September 1, 2008

Safe in Uganda

Hello all!
I am finally here! I am safe and sound in the capital. We are at an internet cafe to let our "worried-sick parents" that we have arrived. Our trip was exhausting... 20 hours through a Dutch airline system, but we were greeted at the terminal with the warmest of welcomes. Our advisors all seem caring, enthusiastic, and generous and had food waiting at the Jeliza hotel where we are staying for the first week.
So far the taxi rides have been interested. "free for all" is the best way to describe traffic here... and "kinda scary" best describes the madness of the rotaries. pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, cars, and busses all vie for spots on the road and no rules seem to apply for manuevering the road systems. it is definitely worse than New York City (at least there they have traffic stops, lights, laws).
So far the little taste of Uganda that I have got has left me excited for more!!! Our 45 minute drive from Entebbe was very eye-opening and the streets were crowded with people even though it was a dark Sunday night. I am eager to understand more of what I saw. Stay tuned to read about the city

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